Unicorn Cupcake

  My first comic ran today in The Daily Beacon, UTK's daily newspaper.

  I'm calling my strip "Scrambled Eggs."


Ferenheit 451

  This is my visual interpretation of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite science fiction novels.  

   Way back in october I went to a National Portfolio day to have my portfolio reviewed by SVA.  They told me I should try to illustrate a text.  Well here it is USA.  Read it and weep.  

  I think I'm gonna attempt one more of these soon.  

  Also, come monday I'm going to start posting my comic strip that I am doing for The Daily Beacon, my school newspaper.


True Grit

  I went and saw "True Grit" with my parents tonight.  I was blown away by how awesome it was.  

  This is my retro rendition (of a rendition... of another rendition...).  I got inspiration from the colors AMC uses on their station. 


Silly Mortals

  In leu of the mass bird deaths.

  This seems like it would be a cool postcard.  

India Ink

  For some reason or another, my internet here at my parent's house wouldn't let me get on my blog last night.  Here's the post that I meant to put up last night.

  I've recently really been into Scott Wills's background work.  He uses a lot of great dry brush techniques on his stuff so I thought I'd try the same.  Didn't come out the greatest, but it was fun and I think when I get back to school I'm gonna experiment with India Ink some more.  

  The reason this is in black & white is lately I've been digging the minimalist color thing.  I feel like I'm learning more about color by limiting my color choice.  Kinda ironic that it's an action pose in b&w; oh well.  

  I no longer have a sketchbook since I sent mine away to California.  I've been drawing on my parents' computer paper.


The Eye Doctor

  I had to go to the eye doctor today.  Come to think of it, I don't remember much about it.  Come to think of it, I don't remember much of anything anymore...



  This is my dog Sandy.

  Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I pulled an all nighter getting my CalArts application together and honestly wasn't in the mood for a post.



  This is Clark.  He's my friend Alex Aust's dog and he really likes to chew on antlers.  


  Hooray for 2011! Poor guy...