India Ink

  For some reason or another, my internet here at my parent's house wouldn't let me get on my blog last night.  Here's the post that I meant to put up last night.

  I've recently really been into Scott Wills's background work.  He uses a lot of great dry brush techniques on his stuff so I thought I'd try the same.  Didn't come out the greatest, but it was fun and I think when I get back to school I'm gonna experiment with India Ink some more.  

  The reason this is in black & white is lately I've been digging the minimalist color thing.  I feel like I'm learning more about color by limiting my color choice.  Kinda ironic that it's an action pose in b&w; oh well.  

  I no longer have a sketchbook since I sent mine away to California.  I've been drawing on my parents' computer paper.


  1. HOLY CRAP. Love the black background! :D

    As far as the whole minimalist color thing goes, I think it jives really well with your knack for clean, bold linework. Good stuff!