Here are some designs I did for my friends' band Calicocat.  Go download their Ep.  They're real good.

Also, my postcards came in!  I changed the colors up cause of dumb CMYK.


Cartoon Characteristics Map

This is my Map Project for Drawing class.  I decided to map out my different characteristics using cartoon characters.  

Also, sorry if this image used to look like poop.  I didn't realize Firefox was making it look all weird. 

The background is compiled of several images I scanned of maps in an Atlas I bought for a Geography class.

It's a big daddy!  I need a nap...


Sketchbook Nonsense

This was an exercise I did in my sketchbook where I drew the first thing I thought of in order to fill a whole page.  Inspired by Tony Riff.

And of course a comic from this week.


Bacon (updated)

I'm finding sleep brings better judgement.  So after some snoozing, I think I have decided to go with red rather than blue.  

I think it's a more appropriate color, plus I just kept feeling like that blue and green looked like an Old Navy design or something of that nature.