Happy (almost) Earth Day!

So this is a drawing I did for Earth Day.  My friend, Roxanna, is screen printing the line work on t-shirts next thursday on campus, so any UT students reading this, look out for the screen printing station next week!

Go get this on a shirt!


Drawing Project

Sorry for the lack of posts.  School has become really hectic as I'm nearing the end of the semester.  Regardless, I should stop making excuses for myself.

These are some drawings/animations I did for a project in my Drawing class.  Hopefully I will turn them into a short short animation.




Soon I'm going to post other work I've done this semester up here.  Got some interesting goodies.


Calicocat Album Cover

I finally finished the album cover for Calicocat's Royal Jelly.  Once again, you should go check em out.