XC Skiing


So for this illustration, I chose to depict both Gaear with his buddy, Carl, from the town of Fargo, North Dakota.  

Fargo is such a flatland.  They got outta there for a bit and went to the mountains for some skiing adventures.  They even brought Mrs. Lundegaard with them.


127 Hours of Summer


For this week's edition of the "Give em' a Break!" summer illustration project, I chose James Franco's arch nemesis, the boulder.  Ya know, he'd been stuck in that crevasse for quite some time, I thought he deserved to take a walk around his own neighborhood.  Who knew he was into photography! 


Tea Time

Here's round two of my Summer illustration project.  In this scene, I allowed Professor Umbridge to invite some of her friends to her office for a tea party.  Maybe she won't be so crabby now.


Give em a Break!: All Play and No Work



I am officially starting a new illustration project for myself called "Give em a Break!"

Every week, I will post a new illustration in which I take one of my favorite villains and give them a summer vacation.  Everyone deserves some time off.

In "All Play and No Work," I forced Jack Torrance to step away from the typewriter and leave the doors of the Overlook Hotel to get some fresh air.  Looks like everyone's ready for a barbecue!


End of the Semester!

So, it's officially the end of my Sophomore year at UTK.  Time for me to find something productive to do with my Summer time!  In recognizing that my freelance experience is lacking, I made a Facebook page to advertise.  I'm accepting all sorts of work: album covers, t-shirt designs, posters, tattoo designs, the works.  
Just gimme something to do this summer!  I'll even do commissioned drawings if you'd like one. 

Click here to go to the Facebook page.

Also, I never posted my final animation project.  Here it is!  Enjoy.

Pay Up by Alex Cline  

Tomorrow I start a Summer Illustration project, kind of like the Christmas parade project.  Dunno what I'm gonna do yet, but I've got some ideas churning.