Norman Bates stays locked up in his house with his mother most of the time.  It makes him go a little nutzo.  That's why I've taken the liberty to give him some gardening time!

I am over my halfway mark on this project! Which means I'm halfway through summer break :(


Ratched's Dance Break

Finally, we see the illustrious Nurse Ratched.  Looks like the patients got a little too crazy once again, and this might be the point at which Ratched is driven mad herself.  With her cigarette in hand, she begins to dance away from insanity.  


Children of the Sack Race


This week is Malachai and his gang.  The kids were getting a little bored torturing adults, so they needed a little fun.  Malachai is taking the lead in this sack race, but looks like Isaac is giving him a run for his money.


Toby the Teddy Bear


I'm continuing to make comics for my school's newspaper this summer.  I realized I hadn't posted any so far.


Party Time

This is how I like to party.


Metro Pulse

Metro Pulse, a Knoxville magazine, did a special on local comic artists and they printed three of my comics!

Check out my section!  C'mon Pulse, gimme some work!


Mama Never Says Die


This week I chose Mama Fratelli.  She seems pretty stressed from having to take care of her careless sons and chasing after the Goonies. She's just gonna chill in the cove for a little bit.



This is an album cover I did for my friend Norris's project, Norlo.  You can check out some of his stuff here.