Avid Gardener

These are two illustrations I made for Avid Gardener.


Gold Bracelets and Brewskies

Ok, so maybe it's a stretch to call Uncle Rico a villain, but he is sort of the bane of Napoleon's existence. Plus, I had to pay tribute to one of the most important movie's of my teenage process. So, how 'bout some gold bracelets?



Ride of the Sandworm


Beetlejuice got bored and decided to go into one of his sneaky portals and ride his pet sandworm.



Inspired by friend, Ben Smith, while swimming one day.


Magneto's Summit


Magneto and Mystique were bored and tired of trying to destroy the human population.  They set off for a hike!

This piece is the result of going on a sunset hike and watching new Adventure Time in the same week.


Colonel Catches Rays


Colonel Hans Landa, one deviously chill dude, lounges on a floaty in Hitler's pool. He deserves some sun after his plans were thwarted by the Basterds. 


Calicocat Art

I recently just completed two album covers for Calicocat's new songs "Unnatural Oasis" and "Tile Grey Paint."  I'm pretty satisfied with these, and I feel like I went out of my comfort zone a little bit. 

Go check out Calicocat's new songs here! They are soooo good!


Poor Bike

My poor bike.  I have neglected it so.  I really need to get it fixed...