Today, I am sick with the flu. Gross. I watched T.V. all day and drew these silly zoo animals. I think Wayne's World inspired the lion's hair. I sorta wanna make comics about these guys.


New Web Comic?

Wow, I supremely dropped the ball on posting recently. I guess I just really wanted to enjoy my time with family and friends. And I’m lazy.
I have coincidentally been forming a theme in some comics lately. I’ve developed a new character that I hope to use in a longer running web comic. He’s a kid who is paranoid that he’s being channeled by Satan in his every day life, and he is preparing for the impending doom he thinks is about to come. This stuff is still really new so who knows. Some stuff I know will change, and maybe I wont even keep any of it. Regardless, I’m going to start another web comic series very soon.


My Friend, Beyonce

I went to a Beyonce party with some friends a week ago and ever since, I've been trying to write a comic or make an illustration about her. I admit that I was superbly inspired by a Pen Ward sketch I saw about Beyonce once, but I feel like mine is still really different. I don't think either of us will ever do Miss Knowles justice in comic form. She's just too fuckin' cool.



Just making comics.


Fat Fingers and Dimple Dude

Some more goofy-ass shit from my sketchbook. I'm trying to develop more characters over the break.



I've never drawn a horse before. I used to always say they looked so stupid. Last night I had a radical discovery that that's why I should draw them always.


Urban Outfitters

I got my Urban Outfitters catalog the other day. Kids these days…


Me After this Semester

This is me realizing I’ve survived this semester of school. Well, almost (one exam left!). Since I’m in Christmas Break, I’m going to try to post every day.


Internet Famous

Above are two excerpts of a 22x30 comic poster I've been screen printing in my class. The story is about two brothers who try to become internet famous and in turn compromise their brotherly love. I was trying to write a bit more seriously on this one. Also, more updates soon to come on the animation I've been working on!


Pizza God

Today I drew Pete Wentz's girlfriend and a pizza god.


Butt Head Bros.

Some butt head bros from my sketchbook. Enjoy!


Nessie Comic

I made this little guy as one of my first drawings in class this semester. I can remember being a little kid, laying in bed and being really sad for Nessie because I knew she was the loneliest creature in all the land.


Short Animation Backgrounds

Now that my show is over, I'm focusing all of my energy into my short animation for my class! I don't wanna give too much away, so here are some backgrounds without characters!


MAD Magazine

I guess I’m a little late on posting this. I have a comic strip in MAD Magazine called “Party Pants”! You can find it in Barnes and Noble or a grocery store near you!


I now have an online shop open on Etsy! Bitch Bugs is now for sale there. You can get there from either the tab on the left under "Sites" or by clicking here!





Baby Cline is still the same online portfolio, formerly known as Alakazander, now just with a cuter name. The days of slaving over how to spell this url are over. Type in Just do it. It feels good.


Sketchbook Update

I always hate it when blogs start off with "It's been a while since I've posted anything," so I'll just skip that. This is the crazy stuff that I've been drawing in my sketchbook lately. 

I participated in a drawing project recently in which I had to sit somewhere for 12 hours in solitary confinement. Some of these characters came from that experience. 



New Sketchbook

New sketchbook. New pens. White out. I think its going to be a good year.


Cat Hoarder

Dont really know whats going on here. Just making crazy drawings.


Men's Diving

I got inspired after watching men's diving yesterday.



When in doubt for what to draw, draw a monster!


The Olympics

"God I love the Olympics."


Little Dancing Dude

Just practicing making stuff move. 


Sketchbook Comics

Two random comics I drew in my sketchbook today.


Dog Owner

I got a Cintiq for Christmas and it's taken me this long to get used to it enough to wanna post a drawing on here...


Juicy Mooshu

This is a series of poster designs I made for my friend Warren Smythe's new film, Juicy Mooshu.


Dining Guide

Us kindly folks over at The Daily Beacon just printed our Dining Guide issue today and yours truly got to illustrate the cover.


People of L.A.

So I took some time off from posting over Christmas break, but that doesn't mean I stopped drawing. I experienced the city of L.A. for the first time and got inspired by the locals to make some characters.