Kids and Monsters

A bunch a little kids and monsters


No-No Square

So I guess it's been three years having a blog now. Huh. How about it.


Axe Beard

Wow, so I completely skipped over September on here...I thought I'd make it up to the internet by spending a little bit of extra time on a piece.


Best Buy Comic

Sometimes I'm still inspired to make comics.



Nerd Hot Dog

Food is so fun to make into living things. Hot dogs especially.



California Grl. I love it in the Golden State. The people are such caricatures of themselves.



Here’s a lil’ tree I drew. I think these would make cool prints. Maybe a series?



Fast Food

This is my diet in L.A. right now. But hey! I’m running consistently.



Doodlin' some weirdo's.


Happy Family

Just trying to draw out of my normal character design vernacular (failing miserably).


Dog Poop

I'm gonna try to post every day. Let's see how this goes..


Duck Life.

So I’m in LA now! Yea yea. I wanted to draw something LA themed in order to inform you more about my travels, but I just felt like drawing ducks instead.


Sandwich Guy

I suck at being consistent on here right now. My life is all over the place. I’m moving tomorrow to Los Angeles and once I get there I’m going to try to post a ton.


Monkey College

Woah, it’s been a while! I’m sorry I’ve been so incognito. I’m packing up my life right now and preparing to move to LA in a week and a half, all the while graduating college in three days.
ANYWAYS, here’s a lil’ sketch of something I’m gonna try to make into a pitch. It’s appropriately about a monkey who just comes home from graduation.
I’m also going to do one last Stray Dog comic, but it will probably be on monday (as graduation is this weekend).


Junior's World: Character Designs

Thought these character designs from Junior's World would be fun to share. Click to see more!


Junior's World

Junior's World from Alex Cline on Vimeo.

Alright people, here it is! JUNIOR'S WORLD. Hope you enjoy!


Junior's World Poster

A while back, I posted that I was working on an animation. I have finally completed the project and will be posting it on the world wide web this saturday. Get ready for Junior's World.


Stray Dog no. 14

Stray Dog every Saturday! Read them all here!


Stray Dog no. 13

So I dropped the ball and got this in on Sunday instead of

USUALLY, Stray Dog is every Saturday! You can read them all here!


Stray Dog no. 12

Stray Dog every Saturday! You can read them all here!


Inanimate Objects

Practicing some inanimate objects today.


Ghost Pee

Ghost pees are the worst/best.


Weird Family

Experimenting with new shapes and more ink! 


Dancing Girl

Not exactly sure why this was drawn. But it just was, dammit. 


Stray Dog no. 11

Stray Dog every Saturday. Read them all here!


Stray Dog no. 10

Stray Dog every saturday. You can read them all here!

Also, sorry I only posted once this week. Midterm shiz and getting job materials together is takin precedence right now...


Stray Dog no. 9

New Stray Dog every Saturday. Read them all here!


How to Make a Baby Cline

One day my beard is gonna be friggin sick.


Stray Dog no. 8

Stray Dog every Saturday. Read them all here!


Unicorn Dave

Probably one of the more flamboyant things I've ever drawn.


Adventure Time Storyboard Test

This is a storyboard test for Adventure Time I drew up last spring. Didn't get the job, but I was still really happy with how this thing turned out. Click "read more" to see the whole shabang!


Stray Dog no. 7

Jeez guys, sorry this was posted so late. Anyways, new Stray Dog, now every Saturday! Read them all here!


Psychic Bear

Just doodlin’ this morning and ended up with this psychic bear in the woods by the beach. I wanna go here for spring break.


Stray Dog on Saturdays

Stray Dog will now be updated every Saturday, starting this weekend. School makes posting it on the week quite difficult. I’ll just have to make this next one extra good!



I recently did a comic for a zine called We Aint Got Time to Bleed by Stefie Zöhrer about cheesy, gun-slinging action movies. This is a frame from my Timecop comic I made for said zine.


Stray Dog no. 6

Stray Dog every Wednesday. Read them all here!

I changed the character design of the mom a bunch. This is actually kind of how I originally drew her in sketches.


Sunday Morning Comics

I'm going to be a part of a new comic publication come springtime called "Sunday Morning Comics." Check out the write up they did of me here!

Beelzebobby is the character I was working on a bit over Christmas who is paranoid that he's possessed by Satan. I changed the designs a lot, but I think I like it now.



Just a quick one today. Trying to keep drawing! He kind of looks like Gollum a bit.


Stray Dog no. 5

Stray Dog every Wednesday. Read them all here. True fact: I used to play Neopets religiously. 


Mr. Big Mac

Just a few characters I drew before bed the other night. I must've been really hungry.


Stray Dog no. 4

New Stray Dog every wednesday. Read them all here.


Stray Dog No. 3

Stray Dog, Every Wednesday. Ke$ha and Karate. What more do you need?


Stray Dog No. 2

So here's the second Stray Dog comic. I actually had a lot of fun with it and it basically drew itself. I decided, despite my first instincts, that it should be in color. It's stronger that way. Expect another one next wednesday!


Hot Dogguh

School is back in session. This seemed appropriate to draw in my first class for some reason.


Stray Dog

Not exactly sure what this is, but it's what I like best right now for a long term comic idea. Maybe I'll make another one next week. Who knows, really.