Stray Dog no. 4

New Stray Dog every wednesday. Read them all here.


Stray Dog No. 3

Stray Dog, Every Wednesday. Ke$ha and Karate. What more do you need?


Stray Dog No. 2

So here's the second Stray Dog comic. I actually had a lot of fun with it and it basically drew itself. I decided, despite my first instincts, that it should be in color. It's stronger that way. Expect another one next wednesday!


Hot Dogguh

School is back in session. This seemed appropriate to draw in my first class for some reason.


Stray Dog

Not exactly sure what this is, but it's what I like best right now for a long term comic idea. Maybe I'll make another one next week. Who knows, really.


Corn on the Cob

I imagine this was the microscopic dude that made me sick for the past two weeks.