Unicorn Dave

Probably one of the more flamboyant things I've ever drawn.


Adventure Time Storyboard Test

This is a storyboard test for Adventure Time I drew up last spring. Didn't get the job, but I was still really happy with how this thing turned out. Click "read more" to see the whole shabang!


Stray Dog no. 7

Jeez guys, sorry this was posted so late. Anyways, new Stray Dog, now every Saturday! Read them all here!


Psychic Bear

Just doodlin’ this morning and ended up with this psychic bear in the woods by the beach. I wanna go here for spring break.


Stray Dog on Saturdays

Stray Dog will now be updated every Saturday, starting this weekend. School makes posting it on the week quite difficult. I’ll just have to make this next one extra good!



I recently did a comic for a zine called We Aint Got Time to Bleed by Stefie Zöhrer about cheesy, gun-slinging action movies. This is a frame from my Timecop comic I made for said zine.


Stray Dog no. 6

Stray Dog every Wednesday. Read them all here!

I changed the character design of the mom a bunch. This is actually kind of how I originally drew her in sketches.


Sunday Morning Comics

I'm going to be a part of a new comic publication come springtime called "Sunday Morning Comics." Check out the write up they did of me here!

Beelzebobby is the character I was working on a bit over Christmas who is paranoid that he's possessed by Satan. I changed the designs a lot, but I think I like it now.



Just a quick one today. Trying to keep drawing! He kind of looks like Gollum a bit.


Stray Dog no. 5

Stray Dog every Wednesday. Read them all here. True fact: I used to play Neopets religiously. 


Mr. Big Mac

Just a few characters I drew before bed the other night. I must've been really hungry.