Happy Family

Just trying to draw out of my normal character design vernacular (failing miserably).


Dog Poop

I'm gonna try to post every day. Let's see how this goes..


Duck Life.

So I’m in LA now! Yea yea. I wanted to draw something LA themed in order to inform you more about my travels, but I just felt like drawing ducks instead.


Sandwich Guy

I suck at being consistent on here right now. My life is all over the place. I’m moving tomorrow to Los Angeles and once I get there I’m going to try to post a ton.


Monkey College

Woah, it’s been a while! I’m sorry I’ve been so incognito. I’m packing up my life right now and preparing to move to LA in a week and a half, all the while graduating college in three days.
ANYWAYS, here’s a lil’ sketch of something I’m gonna try to make into a pitch. It’s appropriately about a monkey who just comes home from graduation.
I’m also going to do one last Stray Dog comic, but it will probably be on monday (as graduation is this weekend).