Local News Legend

I have a new episode of Regular Show up tonight! Local News Legend!


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  2. The episode begins with a meeting being held on the Channel 6 information Studio. After Margaret offers the station manager a coffee, the supervisor gives the final assertion of the meeting. He states that everyone on Channel 6 is doing this sort of excellent task, that he pronounces that he wishes each person to search for an awesome tale with that “Wow!” element. He explains that whoever gets the great photos will get their very own weekly information phase on Channel 6. once every body leaves, Margaret, Frank Smith, and Frank Smith’s co-worker, Jackie Carmichael, are left on my own in the room. Jackie pronounces that she’s going to win the weekly information section, in particular due to the fact she never ignored an afternoon of labor and prevailing a visitors award. Frank Smith thinks that Margaret would win, in spite of Margaret being hesitant first, before questioning that it might be remarkable. Frank encourages Margaret by using declaring that he become capable of fly Chopper 6 before getting his pilot’s license and not carrying contacts. gaining knowledge of that Frank in no way gave up, Margaret decides to head for it.